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Decorative Plaster Cornice Design – Leading In Interior Decorations

Cornicedesigns is a leader in all types of plaster cornice interior decorations like mouldings, coving, pillars and columns. More than 10 years ago, mouldings and coving were commonly used in plaster, but now these products are used in a more modernized way that can be installed easily in all areas of your home, office, business premises etc.


Ceiling ornaments with Plaster Cornice

Ornaments are the crowning glory of your room and were already used by the Greeks and Romans. Since then, the craft has not stood still and as time passes various styles created and all having unique designs. This decorative element is designed to decorate an object or a building, and has no further structural function. Ornaments are available in various forms. Just for the ceiling, you already have a choice of different ceiling moldings, caving and rosettes as you can see in the Cornicedesigns product range.

Moldings always make a much more luxurious interior. Mostly you see moldings along the ceiling and edging to walls. The moldings come in many varieties. Decorative plaster moldings are used for ceilings, walls and pillars. You will also find various types of mouldings that can be used in combination with STAS picture hanging systems.

Ornate ceiling roses are another decorative element used both for interior and exterior decoration. These decorations are usually found in the middle of the ceiling and give an extra touch to your room.

Whether it’s a sleek, classic or just a simple look, you can get moulding, paneling, architrave or coving that suits your taste and mood of your interior. From a wide range of decorative Plaster Cornice interior, you can make your choice and Cornicedesigns will bring it to you. Visit www.Cornicedesigns.co.uk to know more or get free quotes by calling at 01709 431446.

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