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Why Stainless Steel TUBI Porsche Exhaust Is Good To Choose?

Deciding on performance exhaust can be confusing. There are numerous misunderstandings and false information around the selection of the manufacturer and materials. Numerous car exhaust systems are changed every year due to rust and bad performance. Automotive exhaust systems daily face different types of gases like carbon monoxide, dampness unburned hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen and many more. These types of gases condense and internally destroy the system. The outer corrosion is also caused by moisture, mud and corrosive salts. These components along with higher temperatures are just like a poison for engine performance and create the need for a durable car exhaust system. This is why car industry experts recommend stainless steel TUBI style exhaust systems instead of other materials. 

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What others Think? 

Various exotic automobile users think that other material instead of steel is a good option, but recent studies and experts verify the durability and performance quality of stainless steel car exhausts.  

Different concepts about exhaust dimension 

Apart from the hypes about the material of exhaust system, there are also some myths about the dimension of exhaust pipes. Some automobile users believe that the bigger the exhaust is the better. While studies show that big pipes just take energy out of the system. It is done by cooling the gases or reducing exhaust gas velocity and lower frequency range has power. On the other hand, large pipes enhance low frequencies that causing roaring and eerie droning sound. While stainless steel TUBI exhaust system is particularly designed to keep the frequency and velocity high that is why the roaring and other types of sounds are reduced. 


A number of the stainless steel TUBI exhaust systems sold in the market nowadays come with a different design and style. This is due to the several years of experimentation made by auto engineers and experts. It is a fact that metal outside and inside, not aluminum, not minor steel, not coated aluminum, not simply covered with stainless on the outer side for display. TUBI exhaust coatings extend the life of mild steel. As compared to aluminized steel, 100 percent steel has the highest chromium content, which makes it the best resistance against rust. Either you are driving Porsche, BMW sedan, or exotic Ferrari, TUBI exhaust is promised to give the perfect blend of engine performance, fuel consumption and sound. The good example of this are TUBI Audi R8 Exhaust, Porsche 991 Exhaust System 

CHAPMIONMOTORSPORTS devotes their effort in manufacturing and developing the original equipment with the high-quality and more exclusive sounding exhaust systems that you can buy.

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How To Find The Best EGR Delete Kit?

EGR means for recirculating exhaust gases. The main concept is some of the exhaust gases flowing in the intake system and heats it. This will help burn excess diesel. It is not known to increase performance by raising hp, and you may need to check with your state regulations to ensure that all must still pass emission tests.


If you are thinking about getting an EGR removal kit there are a few things you can keep in mind that can make life easier.

Be sure to include the Kit:

Buy additional parts can be a hassle. Some of these are sold in complete kits that could save you time and energy.

Product and Warranty Information:

You can find these kits with lifetime warranties. This can help in the future. Also, see the product and make sure that was done with quality parts.


Simple is always better. You can find a kit to remove the intake manifold. This can save hours of installation. Depending on your skill level, the complete installation process can take from 4-6 hours. You should also look for a kit that comes with quality instruction.

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It may be important to buy one from a company that thoroughly checks their kits. This mode is more likely to avoid buying a product ends up leaks, or other problems. This can help ensure you are getting the best quality.

Owntheroad.Ca provides Diesel filter, DPF Delete 6.7 Cummins and Dpf delete kits. For most of the brands, Owntheroad.Ca has developed software that we have the performance of the filter can switch off completely.


Lease Porsche Dealer – The Best Option For Auto Financing

Lease Porsche: When you are shopping for a car, the last thing you want to do, is save more money in buying. A long ago, car dealers in U.S., made their reputation as dishonest, clever negotiators and eager to squeeze every dollar they could obtain from innocent or inexperienced customers. They are just waiting for an inexperienced buyer to come along, a person who don’t know that someone purchased the same vehicle at discount rates last week. You might be experienced the hard sell at many car dealers in your area or across the country. As the salesman is normally pushy but it doesn’t mean that you cannot get a good deal and getting a car loan from auto dealer doesn’t always mean that you’ll pay more.

lease porsche

What to look for in lease Porsche auto financing?

Choosing your lease Porsche for auto financing package depends upon answering two important questions.

  • Will you be sanctioned? If your credit is good, you’ll be sanctioned wherever you apply for auto loan. So find out the two lenders with the best rates and discuss with each. Knowing that you’re comparing prices will often inspire the person you discuss with to provide you the lowest available rate right away or even less than what is advertised.
  • When you know where the best deals can be received, get pre-approved. This will let you know the amount of a loan you’ll receive, as well as on what rate. If you have a bad or an average credit score, you need to search around first and find out which lender will approve your auto loan application. When a bank disapproves, a local auto dealer can surely say yes.
  • What is the interest rate? Smaller banks and local credit companies often give loan on average interest rates. If you decide to buy a car on lease that requires a loan at a higher interest rate then only you can decide whether it is beneficial. Furthermore, it is good to research before you buy so as to get the best deal on low interest rate for leasing a new or used Porsche car.

U.S. News provides listing of best loan offers on new and used cars by manufacturers. Particular brand financing companies often offer lower interest rates on loan terms for certain models and makes of auto-mobiles. So you usually don’t need to become a member to take benefit of these lower interest rates. provides flexible, attractive terms and reasonable monthly instalments on new and preowned Porsche models. With pre-specified lease ending residual values, modest monthly premiums and minimal initial cash requirements, Champion-Motors Porsche lease can be an attractive option to a cash purchase or common financing. Visit or call at 954-946-4020.

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