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For the most demanding brides and who prefer a more cozy and personal place for the “big day,” the outdoor ceremony is the best option. All with the refinement of a beautiful landscape to frame a day that should never be forgotten.

Nothing is better accounted for leaving the urban context of buildings and bottling to detach from the big city and live a unique moment. Providing welfare and comfort not only for the bride and groom but for all the guests. There are so many benefits of having tent wedding at outdoor location, some are listed here.

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  • In choosing such ceremony some safety measures must be taken to keep the environment in perfect harmony. Decoration compatible with local costumes, the division of space, ceremonial … all to make even more beautiful party and enjoy all the benefits that this kind of marriage can provide.
  • If your wedding is during the day, the ideal is small arrangements with smaller flowers. The decor colors are also important. Mix shades of light colors gives lightness that such ceremony requires. Arrangements with warmer tones can also be used, provided they are in harmony. Married outdoors does not suggest ostentation, but tasteful. It’s the details that will make all the difference in your marriage.
  • The use of tents, gazebos and ombrelones spend the feeling of romance, ideal for outdoor weddings parties, and for those who also seek financial savings, because this type of material does not require much decoration, just good lighting and use of foliage, in this case, the flowers are optional.
  • Weddings at night can use candles and flaming torches. If the site has pool or waterfall decorator can use candlelight to create a much space effect of water causing environmental magnification effect, things only outdoor environment can
  • Elegance always, but never excessive. As the bride and groom should be careful with full clothes glow and down the guests must also be careful not to escape the wedding proposal. The environment is already beautiful by nature so no major production in the costume.
  • Space optimization – With the choice of a farm wedding, there is no need to worry about rent two different spaces for marriage. It is more cost saving idea. You have everything in one place: ceremony, dinner, stage shows and live or nightclub.
  • Advantages in photos – What every bride want is that their wedding party is perfect and the best stand out memory of a day will be charged photos and filming. Outdoor wedding ensures natural lighting of the place. Consequently, the photos will remain with the original colors and consequently with a better print quality. In this case, there is no concern with shadows or lack of illumination.

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The decision – If after all these advantages, you still have questions about the choice of the place of your wedding ceremony, we invite you to come to the Goff tent manufacturing Kentucky and be enchanted by our location. Our proposal is to start a wellness experience and contact with nature, through unique mountain scenery, clean air, lakes, nature trails, and panoramic views, everything to make the day of your event even more special.

Gofftents is a tent manufacturing company in Kentucky dedicated to the commercialization of tents to dream events. With over 25 years of experience, this team will provide you a single day, with a broad range of tents, adapted to all kinds of events and dimensions. If you’re looking to celebrate your outdoor wedding, Gofftents has several suggestions to offer you.

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